Youth Aviation Program

In 2013, the Youth Aviation Program was founded with the purpose of sharing knowledge of aircraft-related subjects with young people who have a keen interest in pursuing a career in aviation. Since the founding of the program, the Youth Aviation Program has recorded the following accomplishments:

  • 35 student participants
  • 13 students have earned their private pilot license
  • 1 student has earned his A&P certificate
  • 22 students have soloed
  • 5 planes built
  • 21 scholarships awarded

How the Program Works

Under experienced adult guidance, students are taught the skills of restoring, repairing, and maintaining aircraft. Students interested in learning how to pilot an airplane can qualify for one hour of flight instruction for every 10 hours of program participation, and time logged in the student’s maintenance logbook can be applied toward the minimum hour requirements for an A&P certificate.

This program is very structured, and participating students must have a strong desire to learn. Regardless of the aviation goal, the Youth Aviation Program affords participating students a path to achieving their goals with minimal expense.

How to Join

Interested in joining the Youth Aviation Program? Participants must be between the ages of 14 and 20 years old and successfully complete the admission process, which includes a written application and interview. A strong commitment to fulfill the obligations of program membership is required, which includes participation in program-sponsored events and logging a minimum of one work session per week or four sessions each month.

For all details, including how to become a member of the Youth Aviation Program, contact Hannah Wilson at