Peach State airport has a 2,400 x 100 ft sod runway.

Airport Identifier: GA2

The runway direction is 31 - 13.   Field Elevation 950 ft msl.  Traffic advisory on 122.72 - unmonitored.  Self serve Avgas is available.



RUNWAY 13 OPERATIONS - right hand pattern - The runway has an uphill slope.   Caution - this slope must be taken into aircraft performance considerations when taking off on runway 13.  Given a high density altitude during warm weather along with the slope of the runway many small aircraft will be performance limited.  A right hand traffic pattern is used for landing on Runway 13.


View from departure end of runway 13.  Note uphill slope and trees at far end.  Aircraft performance is an issue on this runway particularly on a hot day.  It is 3,000 ft to the trees.

RUNWAY 31 OPERATIONS - left hand pattern - The threshold is displaced.  Taking off prior to the marked threshold is not permitted because you can not see other aircraft that may be taking off the other way  The runway slopes downhill on Runway 31 increasing the landing roll of aircraft that land or rollout more than 1,000 ft from the threshold.  The landing approach is over trees that are approximately 50 ft in height.  A left hand traffic pattern is used for landing on runway 31.


View from departure end of runway 31.  The threshold is displaced to allow the pilot to see the end of the runway prior to takeoff.  There is 2,400 ft of runway from this point. 


When landing and departing please remain clear of all houses that are located in the area.

Flybys are permitted as long as the normal traffic pattern is used. No aerobatics within a 5 nautical mile radius of the airport.

Please – safety is the number one priority!



We hope you have an enjoyable time at our scheduled fly-ins.    However,  keep in mind that safety is important at Peach State.  We’re expecting many airplanes, cars, and people at each fly-in, so please read the following:

 Check your Takeoff Performance – our runway is 2400 feet long and uphill.  On hot days, some airplanes will not climb very well.  Especially with full fuel and passengers.  Please make sure your airplane will climb.

 Watch for pedestrians – Many people not familiar with airplanes have come to see the fly-in.  Please use caution when starting, taxiing or moving your airplane.  A Fly-In volunteer is required to be present for engine start.

 Watch the flagmen at the end of the runway – They are an extra set of eyes for your safety.  If you are landing and the flagman waves the red flag – Go Around.  There may be a traffic conflict.

We look forward to seeing you at the fly-in
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